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Metal / Wooden Pipes

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3" Smooth Wood Tobacco Pipe


4" Carved Wood Tobacco Pipe with Stone Bowl


AC Greebs Gravity Pipe Smoking Steel


All in 1 Metal Smoke Stopper w/ Poker & Grinder


Beaded Bracelet Pipe


Bullet Stash with Scoop Cap


Grindhouse Straight Wood Dugout w/ Twist Top


Nirvana Pipes - Asst


One Eeze Bat Large


Poke N Smoke Instant Water Pipe


Pulsar Shire Pipe Bent Apple Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe 5.5"


Pulsar Shire Pipe Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe 5.5"


Pulsar Shire Pipes Curved Engraved Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe 15"


Pulsar Shire Pipes Engraved Billard Cherry Tobacco Pipe 5.5"


Self Cleanable Tobacco Taster 3"


Shire Pipes Curved Brandy Rainbow Cherry Wood Pipe 15"


Shire Pipes Engraved Bowl Apple Cherry Wood Pipe 5.5"


Stone Pipe - Asst


Two Tone Metal Twist Out Pipe with Storage Black and Gold


Two-Tone Wood Smoke Stopper w/ Poker (Colors Vary)